Bird of Paradise


"A skilled, experienced hand can create works of art with an ease and quality that seems mystical to the layman. In the case of the singular audio experience, “Bird of Paradise” by Andries, there is little doubt as to his skill, or his experience. And this is most assuredly a work of art." - Gas Mask Magazine

" "Bird Of Paradise" is an appropriate title. It takes flight then drifts, darts and soars." - Pastel Wasteland

"Andries has a uniquely culture sound... There is a pop sensibility to the song, keeping the listening engaged in playful undertone."  - Independent Music Review


"Bird of Paradise" is now live!!!

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Andries is an electronic musician and sound designer for film and television. He began making music while studying Media Arts at Chico State University, first producing hip hop beats and later veering more toward progressive electronic pieces.  Influences at the time were Bonobo, Air, and Amon Tobin. Once graduated, and after a brief stay in Tokyo, Japan, he gravitated toward sound design in the TV and film industry. For over a decade he has been working as a sound effects editor for shows such as Den of Thieves, Up in the Air, Lost in Space, and many others. His music was sidelined for much of this time as he focused his energy on his audio career. This experience, however, would later become an important aspect in his approach to arranging and mixing projects. More recently, Andries has had the opportunity to allocate more of his time for music endeavors. Influences include Dan Deacon, Flying Lotus, Lindstrøm, Boards of Canada, Jean Michel Jarre, and 80's and 90's video game music. Andries lives and works out of Oak View, California.


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